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Frustrated with your website? I’d love to invite you for a complimentary, 30-minute call to help you increase engagement and conversions.

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Meet your brand & web partner

Hi, I'm Chloé. I'm so glad you're here.

I'm the founder of Milk Tea Web, a design studio helping inspired entrepreneurs grow their impact through strategic branding and website design.

With nearly a decade of communications experience in my back-pocket, I’ve honed my skills in helping others convey their message through visually impactful materials.

I’m passionate about helping coaches, consultants and service providers raise their online profile with a stunning brand & website that perfectly captures the essence of their business.

Through my Signature website design process, you’ll come away with a website that can support you in elevating your business to the next level.

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Picture of Chloe, the founder of Milk Tea Web
Client Results
"Chloe’s kindness, patience and professionalism made me move from being unsure about how my website should look towards a result that truly represents my work and personality."
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Anca Oancea
Kinesiology Practitioner

Dedicated to making the web a kinder place

As a website developer, I take my responsibility very seriously when it comes to privacy, inclusivity

I strive to build websites that are clear and good for usability. Focused on privacy so your visitors can trust you.

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