5 things clients want to see on your website before buying from you

When potential clients are checking out your website, they have a lot of questions on their mind. They are literally on a mission to find out if your services are a match made in heaven for what they need.

And when you give them exactly what they’re after, you’re not just checking off boxes on their question list. You’re enhancing their entire experience and saving them some considerable time — so they don’t have to play detective just to figure out how you can help them.

Let's be real, there is SO much information online. People are bombarded from all directions with endless content and ads. Which is why providing clear, concise information is a kindness that leaves a positive, memorable impression on your website visitors. And that is good for business.

In this blog post, I’ll share the top 5 things that prospective clients want to see on your website before they hit that ‘Book services’ button. Ready? Let's delve right in.

1. Clear services and offerings

Your website needs to be a clear, concise window into what you offer. Potential clients are curious minds, eager to know exactly what you specialise in and how you can solve their challenges. Use descriptive language and possibly even visuals to help them understand how your services can benefit them. Avoid sharing a long list of services and programmes that include everything even the kitchen sink.

Instead, find a way to group them into categories that speak to your potential clients. Think along the lines of topics, types of services, or even the specific problems your clients want to solve.

Displaying your services in a clear and simple way will increase understanding of what you can offer and result in more trust, which makes people more likely to buy from you.

Check out my client Anca’s website as an example. She has her kinesiology services lined up at the top of the page based on the common issues that bring her clients to her, making her the clear solution to help with those problems.

2. Pricing information

While not all businesses opt to display pricing information, many people value transparency when it comes to understanding the cost of your services.  

In fact, a considerable amount of potential clients prefer to skip the whole process of reaching out to a business just to inquire about pricing. They'd rather have the ability to quickly evaluate whether a service aligns with their budget and requirements. Not only that — without pricing information, they may assume your services are too expensive.

I have personally done that myself when wanting to hire a postpartum doula after having my baby. I visited a few websites and many didn't list prices, even for something as simple as a 60-minute consultation. As an overwhelmed new mum, I certainly didn't have time to reach out to enquire about pricing! In the end, I found a doula who not only had all of her services clearly listed (see point number 1 above!), but also all of her packages and pricing was clearly outlined on her website, so I knew exactly what to expect and how much to budget.

The least you can do is provide a starting price range or even a breakdown of different packages you offer. If you prefer not to display specific prices, consider mentioning that you offer custom quotes and provide a way for clients to easily request one. The key here is to reduce friction and additional barriers in the buying process as much as possible.

My client Anca opted for a straightforward approach on their website with session packages, so people can choose the option that aligns best with their needs and budgets.

3. Case studies and testimonials

Clients want to see evidence of your past work and the results you've achieved. A portfolio showcasing your previous projects, client testimonials, or even case studies can demonstrate your expertise and build trust that you can create similar results for them. Highlight successful projects that align with potential client's needs to show that you can deliver the results they're looking for.

Here’s a bonus tip to successfully share testimonials in an impactful way — ditch the copy-paste approach into one colossal "Testimonials" page. Trust me, it's just too much to wade through. Instead, try to curate your best testimonials so they clearly describe the results you provide and strategically sprinkle them throughout your website.

Another client of mine, Priscilla from Visionbridge Coaching has carefully selected past client testimonials and highlighted passages of text that demonstrate how she helped her clients. Those testimonials are peppered through her website, on her homepage, about and services page to support her messaging.

4. A story-driven About page

Creating a meaningful and authentic connection with potential clients is absolutely crucial to built that trust factor.

According to research, the About page is one of the most viewed pages of any website, and for good reason. Your potential clients are real people, and real people resonate with real stories. Your About page shouldn’t be just a list of facts and achievements — it should tell the story of the ‘why’ behind your business. Want to know more? Check out my blog on how to create a story-driven About page that instantly connects with your ideal client.

Hounds of Hong Kong ‘About’ page shares Frankie’s story that led her to becoming a dog photographer, allowing her audience to connect with her story and the why behind her business. That connection helps her bring in more aligned clients and do more of the work she loves.

5. Contact information and easy communication

This is such an overlooked piece of the puzzle in my opinion.

Make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you. Display your contact information prominently on your website, and make sure your contact form is quick and easy to fill in, by only asking for relevant information. I say it all the time but will say it again — filling in a contact form shouldn't be harder than filing taxes!

Not only that, but being responsive to inquiries is crucial for creating a positive impression and showing that you value your potential clients. Consider mentioning when people can expect to hear back from you after submitting an enquiry.

My client Anca's contact page makes it easy to enquire. We included a short contact form which takes visitors only a couple seconds to fill in. We also included alternative options for clients who prefer phone or email. By making it easy for potential clients to contact her, she's set up to receive more inquiries.

The bottom line

Remember that regardless of how potential clients find you, whether it’s through social media, word-of-mouth or networking, they will check out your website to decide if you are trustworthy and the right fit for them. So it’s essential to create a user friendly and informative experience. This helps you come across as the perfect solution for their needs so they don't think twice before clicking that 'book' button!

I’m here to help you tailor your website content to address the needs and concerns of your target audience. Through my signature website design package, we strategically plan our website to ensure that the information they're looking for is readily available, so you can leave a positive impression and win more business.

Schedule your complimentary consultation and let's start planning your perfect website!

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