5 simple ways to add more personality to your website (so you can attract dream clients!)

Is your website feeling dull but you're unsure of what to fix to infuse more of your personality on each page? Showcasing your personality is one of the most effective ways to stand out and connect with dream clients who are excited to work with you.

But finding the right balance is hard. There's often the belief that showing too much personality on your website can look unprofessional. Or that if you share too much of who you are, you may repel people. 

First of all, rest assured that repelling people is a good thing if you want to work with clients who are a great fit. You can’t attract dream clients if you’re not willing to repel the ones who aren't for you. And let's be honest - do you want to attract someone who is going to be annoyed every time your dog walks through the background of your video call? Showing potential clients who you are also gives them a taste of what it's like to work with you.

Second of all, there are various ways you can infuse personality on your site whilst still coming across as a professional - and I promise it doesn’t involve sharing every single one of your hobbies on your About page.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Clarify your tone of voice

All brands have a ‘voice’ which represents their values and overall personality. Their tone of voice represents how they communicate with their audience through the words they choose and the emotional tone they use in their writing.

The good news is - you can absolutely borrow this concept for your business and create your brand voice guide. Is your voice warm, calm and supportive? Or is it witty, energetic and fun? Once you have clarity on what that might be, you can think about words or expressions you use often - and which ones you don't. And try to reflect those in your copy. 

When reviewing website content for my clients, I always suggest headings and call-to-actions as a great place to let your tone of voice shine. For example if your voice is relaxed and casual, you could adjust the wording of your call-to-actions from ‘Schedule a call’ to ‘Let’s talk’. Or from ‘Contact me’ to ‘Drop me a line’. 

Another great way to develop your tone of voice is through blogging. In addition to showcasing your expertise, it allows your target audience to become more familiar with your voice as they read longer-form content from you, which helps them to connect with you on a deeper level.

2.Develop a cohesive brand identity design

If you haven’t yet developed a cohesive brand identity for your business - even if it's just a signature colour palette and font pairing -then you are doing yourself a big disservice. 

First because you can showcase quite a bit of your brand personality through colour psychology and font styles. So if your usage of colours and typefaces is inconsistent at best and all of your marketing collateral look different, you are sending mixed messages to your audience and are making it more difficult for your brand to be recognisable and trustworthy.

For this reason, I always start website design projects with a thorough review of my clients’ existing branding. If you want a taste of what that is like, I even offer a free website assessment call where we can focus on which elements of your branding are missing and how to create a more cohesive identity.

If my clients don’t have an existing brand design, we will explore their business personality and target audience together so we can develop a cohesive look & feel that make them stand out and appeals to their ideal client.

3. Source unique imagery

Websites with custom, cohesive imagery always feel more memorable than those who use stock photos - especially from free popular websites such as Unsplash or Pexels.

Hiring a professional photographer or graphic designer to create one-of-a-kind visuals is always the best choice, but if the only option is to source stock imagery then it’s worth spending the time doing extra research. I also suggest you avoid picking images that are overused, such as the pictures that come up on the first page of Unsplash. Unless you want your website to blend in the sea of other websites out there!

When choosing stock photos, try to pick imagery with similar style, colour palettes and tones. Put together a mood board so you can establish a ‘photography style guide’ which will help you and your team stay consistent when sourcing visuals for your website and other marketing channels. This is something I love supporting my clients with so we can find visuals that truly represent their business and make them look polished.

Need more guidance on how to choose website images? I have an entire blog post about Adding credibility to your website with simple stock photography tips.

4. Create a story-driven About page

Although there are many ways to sprinkle some personality onto your website, there’s a reason why the About page is one of the most visited pages on any website: people want to find out more about you and what makes you unique. For this reason, it is crucial you take the time to craft an About page that shares your story - because that's what makes your business unique. How did you start your business, and most importantly why? Try to answer those questions as you write.

You can also share other facets of your personality which could resonate with your ideal client - it can be things that inspire you or quick facts that can help your audience understand you better. You don’t have to share every single of your hobbies if you don’t want to. 

As an example, one of my clients who is an Executive Coach shares her own results to popular assessment tools that she uses with her own clients which is a great way to share more about herself while staying consistent with her overall style. 

If you're finding it hard to create your About page, this is something we can cover together in a Website Conversion Intensive so you can create a page that connects with your dream clients.

5. Add personality to overlooked web pages

When it comes to building a website, most efforts are typicallt focused on the 'main' pages - such as the homepage, the About page and so on. But keep in mind there are quite a few other pages which you can use to your advantage such as:

  • The 404 page
  • The contact page
  • Legal pages (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy)

They are often overlooked in the web design process - and yet, adding some personality to those pages creates a cohesive experience to your website which can help you become more memorable to your visitors.

When it comes to my own design process at Milk Tea Web, I typically advise my clients on how best to showcase their uniqueness through those pages - so I can ensure every single page of their website is aligned with their personality. 

Are you ready to infuse more personality into your website?

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